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I don’t do a lot of engine building for others because of the time involved. HOWEVER, I have several early Chrysler hemi blocks with different bores so I am able to assemble the components for a short block without shipping the heavy item – the block. This saves us both the headache and expense of crating and shipping a block or short block. At minimum, I would need the rotating assembly, one head and the valve train you will be using or I can supply any missing item(s). If interested give me a call and we can go over the details.

CHECKING PUSHROD – double adjustment

I have a few adjustable pushrods left for determining the final length before placing your order. They are adjustable from 9″ to 12″. These are not stock pushrods cut in half with the inside threaded as the material is too hard for a tap. These have a brazed 1/4-28 threaded insert in both halves to accommodate the threaded stock. The upper portion of the pushrod incorporates the same 1/4 ball adjuster (shown) as you would get when you order from Smith Brothers or ?. This additional top adjuster is handy for making your final adjustment without repeatedly removing the pushrod. The bottom portion uses either a 1/4 or 3/8 ball – 1/4 ball shown. Although intended for a stock rocker setup, it can be used on any rocker assembly.  $50


MSD Digital 7 w/boost retard (# 7535) The mother of all boxes.  Perfect for any supercharged engine plus an easy unit to setup. All functions such as burnout rpm, launch rpm, max rpm, turbo spool-up rpm, rpm/time/pressure activated switch, 32 point boost retard map, 32 point gear retard map plus many other features are quickly set with the furnished laptop software. Each set of parameters can then be saved for future reference or loaded back into the Digital 7. No additional 2 or 3-step limiters to purchase. Digital 7 has not been run since MSD factory checkout. Now one might ask: “If so good, why are you selling it?”. Convinced that a MSD Pro Mag would burn the fuel better, I spent $3000 on a setup for my 354. Bad news – the Pro Mag did not improve performance. Good news – I can use the cross drive Pro Mag as a backup on my late model hemi. Cost $1000+ at Jegs.   $450 + shipping  Note: You can on-line search for MSD 7535 and view a PDF of the extensive features at the Jegs site.

MSD Multi-Channel Ignition Tester #8996 This will test MSD 6-10 boxes as well as Digital 7 and DIS systems on 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines. I bought this new about 8-years ago but never used it since I went to a Pro Mag. The #8996 has be superseded by #8998 which is a single channel unit (doesn’t check the DIS systems). If you do an on-line search for the #8996, the installation instructions (schematic) can be viewed on several sites including Jegs. Includes test spark plug and complete instructions in original box. It sells for between $300 and $400. I’ll part with this piece of “gold” for $145  Note: This unit will not check the cam sync pickup circuit.

ETC dual range rev limiter with rpm switch for Mallory Super Mag 1-3. Can be upgraded for Super Mag 4. Works like a MSD 2-step rev limiter with a rpm switch for a shifter, shift light or ? If you order from ETC it’s $450 so this is a super deal. New unit. $175

MSD Map/Boost Sensor #23131 New  3 bar/2-44 psi. Cost $88.95 – Sell $40

MSD Spark plug wire pickup #7555 for CamSync 7530. New Cost $96.95 – Sell $45

MSD Pro Power Coil. Used with 6AL box. Working good when removed. P/N 8201 $15


Computech dual EGT’s #4100-2. This is your “lifeline” to avoid burning up your engine. This unit is very versatile in that it records RPM and the temperature at that rpm. Here’s the description from the Computech site: “The Computech EGT Plus is one of the most accurate dual channel exhaust gas temperature systems available today. Designed to monitor not only exhaust gas, liquid, tire and track temps, but also engine RPM. Featuring record options that shows max, beginning and end of run readings. The EGT Plus monitor can be activated via remote switch, trans-brake event or in continuous mode.” The Computech site also shows min-max temperature recommendations for both 1/8 and 1/4 mile using gas, methanol and E85.   Jegs price – $459.   $140 + shipping   S O L D

Peerless high quality Exhaust Gas Analyzer. Professional model (not a hand held unit) and only used a couple times. Long cable which can be used as you’re driving for real load conditions or as a static setup. Designed for carburetion or fuel injection on gasoline or propane powered vehicles.  I utilized this unit to find the proper air/fuel ratio for my race engine and then transferred the data to a weather station / jetting program so no longer needed.  Also shows percent carbon monoxide. Includes instruction manual. $100


Early or late hemi to Chevy torque converter. TCI 149182 8-bolt HD flexplate with 8.6, 10.75 and 11.5 Chevy bolt patterns. Has starter ring (not used). If you’re adapting your hemi to a Chevy transmission, this is the correct flexplate. $85 Note: I also have an aluminum crank spacer available for use with a mid-plate such as a Wilcap. Call me for details. S O L D


NE56 354 3.968 (+.030) 2-bolt o-ringed The bore is good – just needs a hone to get rid of 40 years of light rust. $600 SOLD

LE57 354 stock 3.937 bore. Has been wet magged and all good internally. Needs exterior crack welded. $500

MAIN CAPS for 331 or 354

Center 4-bolt billet main caps with bolts for a 331 or 354 – used. $90 S O L D

CRANKSHAFT for 331 or 354 early Hemi – new grind

Wet magged

Ground .002 under for high performance applications.

Mains = 2.468  Rods = 2.098 (Standard small block Chevy)


Have both rod and main bearings if needed.

Flywheel flange tapped for 1/2-20 bolts.

Shipping weight: 60 lbs  $475 S O L D


Nice used set of Venolia aluminum rods for a 426 hemi. They are for a 2.375 journal and are 7.041 center to center with a 1.094 pin. No nitro or over-rev. The rods have not been run since inspected and re-sized by Venolia. $275

(8) Howard aluminum rods for 331-354. Standard length and polished. The picture to the right shows the surface of the rod where the bearing locates. No black marks due to detonation or other abuse. Nice set! $235 S O L D

Notes on steel rods (10/2019) I spoke with Molnar ( about the possibility of making a standard length rod for a 331-354 Chrysler hemi that accommodates big block Chevy bearings. The benefits are obvious as good 331-354 rod bearings are getting scarce. In addition, it would serve as a “crank saver” as there is a lot of undersize and damaged cranks floating around. It would be a 4340 billet steel machined “H” beam with ARP 2000 bolts. Molnar indicated they would make a batch and see how they sell. Check their website occasionally for availability.

A recent search on Ebay showed several possibilities for aftermarket rods. These all take the BBC bearing and priced under $400. 1) Eagle forged I-beam w/ ARP 7/16 bolts – good for under 700 hp $381. 2) Billet H-beam with ARP bolts – good for over 700 hp $285. All pin sizes are standard BBC at .990. Re-bushing for a .984 Chrysler pin runs $100-$120/set at your local machine shop. If you already have .984 pistons, you can also opt for a set of Chevy .990 rods and have the pin bore in the pistons honed out. If going with a stock length rod, you can use a Pontiac rod for the 326-455. The pin bushing will need to be honed to .984.


(3) NEW sets TRW Clevite 77 CB378P -.010 rod bearings. These have the pin hole for aluminum rods. Two sets in box – one set w/o box.   $70 per set + shipping  SOLD

(1) set of King main bearings for 331, 354. NEW -.030  $75 S O L D

(1) set of King main bearings for 331, 354. NEW -.040  $75 S O L D

(1) set Childs & Albert -.010 main bearings for big block Chevy. NEW These are the good Clevite 77 “V” bearings.  $138 at Jegs. $25

(1) set Clevite 77 standard rod bearings (CB-826P) for small block Chevy (2.100) NEW They are chamfered, drilled for bearing pins and coated. $75   S O L D

PISTONS for Supercharged gas or alcohol

(12) used Arias 3.967 (354 + .030) 8.25:1 compression. They take 5/64 – 5/64 – 3/8 rings. Eight (8) are the same size (2) a couple thousandths under and (2) new. The new pistons have a different ring stack placement but the same compression height (1.867). The pistons will require a +1/8 longer rod (6.750) to obtain the compression noted. If you don’t have the correct rod, I would opt for a BBC rod with a .990 pins and have your machine shop hone the pin bore in piston). $275  S O L D


I have many rings both new and used. When I remove a set of rings about half are perfect and OK to put back in but I usually replace the whole set. Most of the chrome/stainless .017 Dykes are for a 4″ bore. I also have some new .017 Dykes for a 392 (4.062 bore) and some complete moly sets for a 3.875 bore 331. If you’re running supercharged gas for the first time you’re going to go through rings – give me a call – I’ll save you a lot of $$$$. Note: Used Dykes rings are considered good if: 1) the chrome is not burned off the face of the ring 2) they have not collapsed from heat. Used rings purchased from me will meet this criteria.

Piston Rings – Here’s a plug for my long-time friend Bruce Walker. If you need piston rings, Bruce can be contacted at BWE Piston Rings 805-985-1008 in California. Bruce can supply just about any size ring at competitive (or cheaper) prices. Give him a try.

INTAKE VALVES – all for early hemi

Note: These intake valves are a little longer than stock but the geometry is OK for my iron 331 heads and accommodate the higher lift cams. Note: Check the pattern across your valve tip before buying ANY valve.

(16) 2 1/16 x 3/8 x 5.220 HP stainless intake or exhaust with Comp Cams keepers. The valves have (3) runs on them as I put this together for one race. No touch-up required – ready to install.  $90 + shipping or (8) for $50.  SOLD

(9) Used 2.200 x 5/16 x 5.160 stainless intake valves. These are reworked 426 valves. They are tuliped from the factory and flow better than any other I’ve seen – no thin margins.  $95 +shipping  SOLD

(9) Used 2.200 x 5/16 x 5.200 Ferrea stainless intake valves. If you’re going to a larger valve, this is your best bet. I’d still be running them if I hadn’t broken my iron head. About 25 runs – like new.  I paid $63 each to have them made. $125 + shipping

(9) Used 2.200 x 11/32 x 5.240 Del West titanium intakes.   $100 + shipping

EXHAUST VALVES – early hemi

(9) Used 1.930 x 5/16 x 5.050 stainless exhaust valves. These are reworked 426 valves. $75 + shipping  SOLD


(16) 1.520 dia double spring x .740 id inner   280 lbs @ 1.800 installed height.  520 lbs @ 1.300,  580 lbs @ 1.200  $75

(32) 1.650 dia triple spring x .650 id inner   240-260 seat @ 1.800. 500 lbs @1.300,  560 lbs @ 1.200  $100/all


NEW – (20) Heavy Duty 3/8 diameter non-adjustable, non-oiling, black oxide finish.    9″ length, socket on top/hardened ball on bottom.   $45/all


46 -Rocket large port (racing). $5/pr or $50/all

BLOWER PULLIES – 1/2″ PITCH & Delta Parts

31 tooth x 3″ 2.250 center registration – used  $40  SOLD

34 tooth x 3″ 2.250 center registration – used  $40  SOLD

35 tooth x 3″ 2.250 center registration – used  $40  SOLD

39 tooth x 3″ 2.000 center registration – NEW polished  $65 SOLD

39 tooth x 2″ 2.250 center registration. Original Delta with 1/2″ polished back cut. Fits stock crank hub. Used $75 SOLD

Stock crank hub with nice aluminum degree ring – fully degreed. Fits Delta pulley above. $75  SOLD

43 tooth x 3″ 2.000 center – NEW polished  $85 Cut to 2″ wide – $110

43 tooth x 3″ 2.250 center registration. Coated magnesium. $50  SOLD

43 tooth x 3″ 2.250 center registration. non-coated magnesium. $40  SOLD

Delta 2″ idler pulley. Has crack on edge. Needs weld + lathe work. $50

If I have it welded and do machine work – $120  SOLD


JAZ 4 gallon aluminum fuel tank p/n 210-704-03 excellent condition -12 outlet + others  12x10x8  Has bottom flange for mounting (not shown). Includes a 5″ riser if needed. $95 S O L D4 Gallon

JAZ ++++ Same as above except someone added a 10″ section (total 18″ high) for about 10 gallons. Multiple outlets – largest -16 $25


Mickey Thompson 33.5×16.5-16 tires #3183 X8 compound.

These are a stiff sidewall / high growth tire that will help eliminate any tendency to shake. Recommended rim width is 16”. Rollout is 106”. Section width 20.8. Manufactured June 2018. One run (wrong size for application) $200 Email or call for shipping rate to your address.

Complete Ron Davis cooling system with Shogun electric water pump.

I ran this system in my altered with the early hemi supercharged on gas. It worked well in keeping everything cool. Mine was a rear mount installation utilized for about 6-months. There is enough braided line to reach front or rear. The brackets for the radiator are 12 ¾” x about 23”. Just the radiator and pump were $877.  I spent about $1400 for all this stuff. If someone can use it, $500 would be fair. I have included pictures which will give you an idea as to the items included. Call or email if you have questions. $500

Oil pans for 331, 354, 392 Chrysler. Rear sump pans. $50 each or $90/pr

Spark plug wire covers for 331, 354, 392 Chrysler hemi. $50/pr

New East Coast ” Super Mini ” alternator. 50 amp output at idle. P/N 2002  $95

Hot Heads rubber hemi spark plug tube seals NEW p/n 90400 $10 SOLD

392 hemi exhaust manifolds #1474661 – center discharge.  $20/pr

(2) Front cover crank seals for 426 Chrysler P/N P4876280 New $20/pr

Mark Williams disc brake caliper brackets for Olds housing ends P/N 71023. $40/pr

BBC aluminum Powerglide shield and steel flex plate shield. Both – $10

(2) Sets used 5-point 3” seat belts and shoulder harness assemblies. Out of cert – good for street or off-road.  $10 ea.

Autometer Fuel pressure isolator P/N 5376  $20

Autometer Pro-lite temperature sender – 187-203 deg  (new) P/N 3246  $10

Autometer Pro-lite pressure sender – 30 psi (new) P/N 3242  $10

NEW Black AN fittings, hose ends and hose:

(3) -6 x 45 deg Trick Flow hose ends.  $5 each

(4) -6 x 90 deg hose ends.  $5 each

(1) -8 straight hose end.  $4

(1) -12 straight hose end.  $7

(1) -12 x 90 deg hose end.  $10

(1) -10 male x -8 female adapter.  $5

5 feet -12 SS hose. New $20


I’ve drug a pile of magazines and racing newspapers around for years. Time to downsize. Minimum order $25 (or 1-year ) – must be in successive order – no cherry picking. So, if it’s a magazine you’ll probably get about (12) and if a *newspaper maybe (45).   Drag News or National Dragster up to ’70 – $3.50/issue. ’70-’80 $2.50.  1980+ $1.50.  All magazines $2.50. Purchase specific individual copies – $25 Search and purchase individual copies – $45. Note: this is not a “collection”. I’ve just boxed my subscriptions. Some early newspapers are brittle and need TLC – can’t just rip them open like this morning’s newspaper. Most are in good condition unless indicated

Drag News originated on the West Coast (Lions, Fontana, San Gabriel, Orange County, Fremont, etc) and then evolved into nationwide coverage. National Dragster (NHRA publication) covers nationwide with about 30% more pages than ND.

I’ve only inventoried up to 1990. I also have National Dragster, Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, etc up to 2000. If you’re interested in issues after 1990 let me know. I also have some odds and ends like the Funny Car Pictorials from 1970, Hot Rod Magazine yearbooks (’70’s), etc.

How about a “Program” from the “Last Drag Race” at Lions Drag Strip on December 2, 1972. It has the history of the strip, managers, pictures of competing dragsters, etc. If you collect Lions memorabilia this is it. $100  SOLD

Current list in inventory:

Drag News*   Year / Quantity

1963           19

1964           18

1965           8

1966           26

1967           33

1968           21

1969           43

1970           48 SOLD

1971           49 SOLD

1972           41 SOLD

1973           43

1974           48

1975           46

1976           45

1977           46

National Dragster*      Year / Quantity

1969           47

1970           48

1971           51

1972           45

1973           39

1974           42

1975           48

1976           51

1977           47

1978           51

1979           47

1980           48

1981-1999 Similar quantities

Hot Rod Magazine         Year / Quantity

1966            2 (Breedlove’s 600 mph record)

1969            1

1970            1

1971            1

1972            12 (L edge of cover on 6 are moth eaten – interior ok)

1973            3

1974            0

1975            3

1976            7

1977            9

1978            10

1979            12

1980            12

1981            11

1982            12

1983            11

1984            9

1985            11

1986            12

1987            12

1988            11 (one cover missing)

1989            9

1990 – 1999    year/quantities TBD

Drag Racing Mag   Year / Quantity

1985            1

1986            5

1987            5

1988            10

1989            10

Street Rodder   Year / Quantity

1983            1

1984            11

1985            11

1986            11

1987            12

1988            12

1989            9

1990            1

Street Rodder Illustrated      ’83-’85         17

Rod Action

1984            2

1985            12

1986            11

1987            11

1988            11

1989            10