Oil Pump Pressure Checker

When I first started racing a hemi I had the oil pump in and out two or three times trying to get the pressure right. Why someone didn’t kick me in the ass and say make a pressure checker I’ll never know. After I got the pressure where I wanted it and didn’t really need the checker – I made one!

Hook up your drill motor, submerge the pump in oil and you’re ready to go. If using the stock oil pump bypass spring I would add about 1/8” of washers to start depending upon the amount of pressure you’re trying to achieve. If using an aftermarket spring, start with no shims and go from there. My stock 354 pump is shimmed .375. For competition engines on gas or alcohol shoot for 80 lbs cold. There’s no need for more pressure. I use this pressure for 9000+ rpm and have yet to damage a bearing. Note: Use the correct weight oil when testing. I use Lucas 20-50 synthetic with .0035/.0045 bearing clearances.

Kit includes aluminum plate assembled with fittings, bleed valve, flex line, 100 psi gauge and storage box.

P/N OP01 Complete kit $ 110 + shipping *

P/N OP100 Replacement gauge $ 10 + shipping *

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