Adjustable Connecting Rod

Working with connecting rod lengths and compression ratios can be frustrating. Most people don’t have a collection of various length rods to assist in the calculations.

This adjustable connecting rod simplifies the process. It is constructed from one of my recycled connecting rod or one from your collection.

Total adjustment is about 1″ and can be machined to anything you want. For instance, 7″ +/- .50

The pin size is standard Chrysler at .984. If you are using a pin larger or smaller than .984 let me know and I will bore it out and/or bush it to your specifications.

If you utilize more than one pin size I can bore the pin end oversize and supply removable bushings for your specific sizes or you can supply your own rod.

Comes with instructions and storage box.

P/N ACR354R Rod for 331-354 (recycled rod) $149 + shipping *

P/N ACR354RP ACR354R bored for spec. pin size $165 + shipping *

P/N ACR354RPB ACR354R with (2) pin bushings $199 + shipping *

P/N ACR392R Rod for 392 (recycled rod) $149 + shipping *

P/N ACR392RP ACR392R bored for spec. pin size $165 + shipping *

P/N ACR392RPB ACR392R with (2) pin bushings $199 + shipping *

Please Note: I have been out of 392 rods for a couple years. If I utilize a 354 rod and bore the big end there is an extra $95 charge since the bearing pin must also be drilled and tapped for removal, big end re-bored, re-chamfer to clear crank radius and the bearing tang grooves recut. Save $95 noted above by sending me a junk 392 rod.

I can make an adjustable connecting rod for any engine with a rod journal between 2.100 and 2.250. Anything smaller will require a donor rod. If over 2.250 , supply a rod or additional $$$ will apply. Please call.

* Actual shipping charges only – no additional charge for packaging.