2016 – Late model update

Here’s a “lesson learned” – After trying every combination I could think of for two years and running a 7.20 @ 188 I decided to change from a 4.10 gear to a 4.30.

The first run with these gears netted a 6.749 @ 205.54 – no other changes!

On the next run I retarded the timing from 37 degrees to 33 and cranked out a fantastic 6.614 @ 209.91.

So, don’t do like I did and think a small gear change won’t make a difference – go for it! Gears are expensive but so is two years of screwing around.

I found the same thing with my early hemi. Small cam (.600 lift) with gearing (5.38) to run 9000 was the best combination. Lost two tenths and 5 mph with a 5.12. Not much of a change with a 5.57 but harder on parts.

I can scratch a 6-second quarter at over 200 mph off my bucket list.

Here’s a couple videos of Eric Gates and I at Fallon. Eric was running much faster but got out of shape resulting in a close one. How close? Watch the second video.



This video was at the Super Chevy Show in Las Vegas. Becky Sylvester drives through the lights giving me the automatic win.